CRDC Named Exclusive Broker for Dollar Tree and Dress Barn in Connecticut

Charter Named Exclusive Broker for Dollar Tree and Dress Barn in Connecticut

Charter Realty and Development is pleased to announce that they have been named the exclusive broker for Dollar Tree, and Dress Barn in Connecticut. Carol Hutchinson is in charge of handling both accounts. Carol has been with Charter since 2011, and preceding that, she worked in the retail real estate business for over 20 years. Prior to working for Charter, Carol spent five years as VP of Leasing for Edens, an owner, and developer with over 120 properties, in Boston.

Dressbarn, originally established in Stamford, CT, now has over 800 stores across the country. Dressbarn specializes in providing women with the latest styles of clothing, even as tastes evolve. It has continued to provide great deals on designer clothes for over 50 years. They are looking for spaces at approximately 7,500sf. In addition they are seeking around 65 feet of frontage space near either regional, or community centers, or regional malls. Their prefer co-tenancy is with anything from discount department stores, to supermarkets, or a fashion anchor.

Charter Realty is also now representing Dollar Tree, a Fortune 500 company with approximately 4,700 stores across North America, in Connecticut. Dollar Tree sells a variety of goods for one dollar or less. Everything from glassware to gifts, or snacks is available at Dollar Tree. They can sell their items at such low prices because they operate a number of private label brands. The company is based in Chesapeake, Virginia, and was founded 27 years ago. For their Connecticut properties, Dollar Tree is looking for a space anywhere from 8,000 to 12,000sf t. They also are looking specifically for a freestanding strip mall, or power center.

Charter prefers to do tenant representation in New York City, New England, and their surrounding markets including Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Charter also specializes in national master brokerage, and mall based retail expansions.

Charter Realty and Development currently represents 23 tenants exclusively across the Northeast. For any additional information on Charter, and its tenant representation services, visit their website at

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